Used Car & Van Inspection Check Service

About Our Service

Please select item from list below to view specific checks carried out during the inspection of your car or van:-

Please note, there is no stripping involved in the above inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

When might I use an engine & transmission inspection?

You may have for instance had a cam belt fitted and it has failed after a short period. In instances where the company denies liability we can help you with an inspection and liaise with the third party who carried out the fitting.

What types of vehicle do you inspect?

Any motor vehicle, van, truck or classic car. In particular as horse owners we specialise in horse box inspections.

How quick is the report?

We will call you with the verbal report immediately the inspection has been completed.

How long will it take to carry out the vehicle inspection?

We try to carry out vehicle inspections within 2-3 days.

How much will the inspection cost?

Typically a vehicle inspection will cost from £99. However, all our vehicle inspections are tailored to your own needs, so please do phone us for an exact quote. Our charges will take be depending upon distance.

For further information please contact Essex Vehicle Inspections
Tel: 07827 358897 or Mob: 07725 273553
alternatively please email



Has the car you are buying suffered accident damage?

Has the car you are considering buying suffered previous accident damage!
M: 07827 358897 M: 07725 273553

Classic Car Inspections also undertaken

inspection checks available for any motor vehicle including, van, truck, classic car & Horse Box.